Aw a new thread and I missed it!

There is an Aerobowls world in Perth so they may have been able to sort you out but as Yogi alluded to I wouldve suggested Optima fits what you're looking for. There's a lot of 4.5 optimas getting around here and from the head have such a good looking track, so if you can hold a 5 wouldve been a good fit. I use a 2.5 with Zscoop and Im easily playing the best I ever have.

But good luck with the XGs mate Click here to enlarge They are also a top bowl, far more so than tje tight SR rerelease. My top current model bowls are Optima, Dreamline and Raptor, whatever fits best in the hand.

On a side note, forget conquests....for a wide bowl I cant believe how inconsistent they are...

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Ill also add - the XG and original dreamline actually take near identicle grass. They main difference is how it gets there. The XG turns earlier and more gradually than the original, going for more the even arc.

Even so, dont be too worried about using bowls that take grass - these are the bowls that perform more consistently. Even on those fast NZ greens look at what the top players were using - Optima, Defiance, XG, and small amount of prems srs and conquest. No really narrow bowls at all.