@timk1111 I actually rolled today with someone using Optimas and they are indeed a nice bowl. I like the indentations grip they offer, and their harbour bridge line is great imo; even better for players like myself who use then shoulder as a mark point for delivery. I don't regret going with the XGs but, and after changing from SRV to SR to XG in my first six months of playing, I really am looking forward to having a bowl that takes a wider line; I truly believe that wider bowls are proving themselves more beneficial in general conditions. Narrow on an ideal day and perfect green makes sense, yet so often those conditions are never present.

Two quick queries; Having ordered the XG's in a 5, I noted that on their webpage that their black bowls are made of Bakelite while their new coloured bowls are made of melamine; Aside from being less susceptible to UV and perhaps being a little more robust, is there any other differences in the two materials?

And finally, I am chasing a coach in WA. Not just someone who is going to give random tips, tricks and advice, but someone who can really look at The biomechanics of my delivery and help me develop one that suits my body type and style. I am more than happy to pay for the privilege of a good coach, as I have set my expectations high and am prepared to put in the work.

Once again, thanks for the replies.