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Thread: Drakes Pride LS-125

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    Drakes Pride LS-125

    Gday all, I know the tackle shop is struggling these days but can't help myself... Click here to enlarge

    Picked up a demo set of LS125 today, had a bit of a roll and thought I'd post my findings. For those not aware the LS125 stands for Leif Selby and his aus cap number is #125 so Ill assume Leif had input into designing this bowl. These are size 3 in the mint and harlequin speckle (there's about 8 colours in the speckles, looks awesome)

    I rolled these on about a 16 sec tiffy today. I was expecting a wide line, as these are meant to be just outside the Conquest, and they were wideish but still very manageable. The big point of difference vs most other brands (esp Aero) is the track is more 'traditional'. They stand up and dont turn a whole lot at the start of their run, then about 3/4 down they break and get home pretty quick. Probably closer to a hook than flat, but I still found it very easy to land em on the centre line, and some of the heads I was able to just dead draw amazed me, a tighter bowl wouldve had no chance. Now the finish isnt a hook by definition, but not as flat as say Aeros, XV1 and the like

    Add some weight and these go straight, which I thought was brilliant for a wider bowl. On the draw these easily get around packs of bowls and anything can be drawn. But if you need some weight these stand up forever so you get the best of both worlds here. Dial it back to a 3-4 foot on shot and you still get a bit of swing. Anything 6foot plus was pretty straight.

    Lastly the grip on my set is the 50 dimple, and its awesome. It reminds me of when greenmaster used to have a good grip-they were big deep dimples with sharp edges you could really hang on to, but not these days. Well Drakes have brought it back so if you liked the premier grip from say around the wb16 days you should like these.

    Haven't tried these in wind yet, but with a nice strong finish you think they'd bite into wind well but will see.

    Overall these remind me of the Premiers of old, maybe wb11, when prems actually took a bit of grass and had the ability to pull back into a breeze. Some top bowlers in our district still play with these and they kill it. Leif used to play with prems back in the day but unsure if he's trying to get a similar line....

    Seriously tempted by these classic finishing draw bowls now. Just need to test em on the fast couche down the road and if they handle that OK these are a real winner, esp if you like bowls with turn.
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