Howdy everyone! Got back into weekend pennant after 3 seasons away from the sport and found after the first few games that after going down a size to size 3 (from size 4) at the end of my last season, I found I needed to back up to a size 4. After trying new SRs, GTRs, XGs, Dynamics & Optimas, I decided to go the Taylor GTR size 4 after using Redline-SR 20 stamp size 3 and already am bowling better after 2 weeks.

Theres not much out there is reviews regarding the GTRs so thought Id give a little insight to them.

Firstly the line of the GTR is the same as the SRs for the most part. Still starts to turn approx 2/3rds down the green but with a straighter finish. The finish on the centre line is approx 4 bowls past where the SR would finish.

Second is that it is slightly wider than the SRs. I would say approx 2 feet wider for my aim point on the bank.

The Half Pipe grip that they have feels pretty comfortable. Its not as wide or deep as the Aeros, but the dimples are slightly rounded on the edges so dont have the sharper edges like on the XGs.

Playing as a second, I havent had to do any up shots yet but in practice, they hold pretty well.

All in all Im extremely happy with them so far and able to read them pretty well.

I hope this gives a little insight to the GTRs