I'm after a few opinions and some advise of fellow bowlers regarding running tournaments.

A mate and I are looking at running a big two day triples tournament next year providing the sponsors come good with the cash.

We both agree that the most important 3 factors are

1. Money - If the money is up they will come

2. Green - Good greens required for continued support

3. Food - If the meals are good at least the losers will be 1/2 happy.

I feel fours gets boring, singles and pairs not enough entry fee coming in so we decided on two bowl triples.

We are looking at a two day event. The first day, random draw play four games. On the second day the cut off mark is the top eight. They are divded into two sections of four and play three games. After that you will have two sections winners who play of for winner of the event and R/up and the two section second place getters play for 3rd and 4th. THe other 4(5th to 8th) all get money.

THe rest of the field who did not make top eight play a one day event and we pay down to top 5 plus best last game winner.

Does every one under stand this format and think its fair???

If not what would be better?? We are keen to stick with 2 days(3 to much)

Also how much $$$ to charge entry fee?

What time of year the best (no clash with Aus open/OG fours/Richmond Union) Looking at Feb the 8/9th??

Also what is currently in Australia the richest triples event going around and also richest in Victoria

Any feed back would be greatly appreciated