• Australian Sides and Super 6 results.

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      The South Burnie Bowls Club has played host to the Australian Sides Championships and Super 6’s and as the tournament winds down to tomorrows finale we wait for baited breath on which states takes home the trophies on offer. The Super 6’s were played first with the men and women playing singles, pairs and triples with medals aplenty up for grabs. Focusing on my home state the ACT first and we had mixed success with only one medal seized by the ladies team of Lois Waters, Nicole Mengel and Ruth Moore who stunned the local Tasmanian crowd with an amazing string of victories.

      Their campaign kicked off with a 20-13 win over the Northern Territory and a 24-7 win over Victoria and a 16-14 win over Western Australia which allowed the girls to advance to the gold medal play off. They didn’t let the nation’s capital down winning easily 18-11 over just 17 ends over the home town Tasmanian team. Well done! The other medal play off was in the Men’s Singles with Australian Development Player Andrew Howie just falling short of a bronze medal against Aussie rep Aaron Sheriff losing 15-21.

      The Alley Shield has been won by the formidable state that is Queensland which claimed the title with one round to spare against Western Australia on Wednesday afternoon. This is the state’s sixth win since 2006 and gives the maroons their 13th Alley Shield altogether. The side weren’t the most consistent state on show winning just half of their rinks (10-10) but by having substantial rink wins it helped them over the line. Crucial wins over NSW and Victoria by one and four shots will forever live in the memory of those who played on the day. Well done Queensland!

      Next the eight states played off for two historical trophies in the ALLEY SHIELD (Men) and the MARJ MORRIS TROPHY (Women) with the defending champions of both trophies in NSW looking to assert their authority on the contest.
      However the men got off to the worst possible start losing to South Australia 52 to 59 shots over 3 rinks. Aron Sheriff’s rink had a resounding 26-14 win but were let down by the other rinks with 15-21 and 11-14 losses. Victoria did what NSW couldn’t do and won easily 96 to 35 shots over a shocked NT with wins of 34-12, 25-13 and 37-10 giving them a great start to the event. Tasmania would’ve liked to show the Bowls world of their new signing in Lee Schraner a former Big V player but it wasn’t to be. Queensland with ex and current national players in Casey, Kerkow and Rice proving too strong winning 62-50 including two rinks. The ACT side that were looking to attain for last year’s disappointing results went down to WA 51 to 62 with a drawn rink involved.

      The NSW women kicked off their campaign and just like the men went down to South Australia in a close encounter. NSW feature the likes of Karen Murphy, Kelsey Cottrell and countless others so for South Australia to win was a huge effort. The ACT girls competed hard against WA winning a rink courtesy of Sharon Harmer’s team but couldn’t be consistent enough losing 45 to 67. Victoria kick started their momentum with a solid 25 shot win over the NT with all three rinks taking the spoils. But the surprise of the day was surely Tasmania winning by two shots over Queensland who even with a great win by Lynsey Clarke’s side couldn’t hold the Tassie girls out of the win.

      Round 2 saw NSW let their frustrations out on a shell shocked ACT squad belting them 75 shots to 48. No ACT rink scored over 20 shots and they put the sky blues back into title favouritism. QLD continued their strong round 1 form with a 16 shot victory over NT. South Australia cracked the 80 shot barrier winning by 37 over WA with Wayne Ruediger’s rink winning 42-8! Tasmania failed to open their account against Victoria losing 52 to 68 shots.

      The women mirrored the men’s attitude for NSW in the next round comprehensively beating the ACT by 38 shots. The ACT did win one rink but a 31 rink loss is hard to swallow. QLD atoned for their scratchy showing in round 1 to defeat the NT 85-45 and also scored a 31 shot rink win. WA upset South Australia and Victoria made it two from two over Tasmania with an easy win to both be on 4 points after the first day’s play.

      Round 3 was a pivotal round for Tasmania, NT and the ACT with none of them tasting success yet. The ACT knew it was going to be a tough battle against SA and were gallant in their 49-61 loss. Two rinks performed well winning 24-17 and 17-16 but a 20 shot rink loss is always hard to retrieve. NSW next came up against WA and it proved to be a titanic struggle winning 63 to 61 shots. Not even a 12 to 24 loss could dampen the NSW excitement. NT copped their second shellacking of the event losing 29-91 which involved a 6-45 mauling. QLD and VIC went toe to toe with QLD winning by four shots and leading the way.

      The ACT came up against South Australia the next morning and proved they were made of fighting stuff winning a rink and coming away with a tie but in the end went down 48 to 54. NSW surged up the table with a seven shot two rink win over WA, while Tasmania accounted for the NT with a 29-10 result being decisive. But the big upset of the morning was QLD losing to VIC by 11 shots to fall right off the pace in terms of the Marj Morris Trophy.

      Round 4 saw QLD extend their advantage even further with a 68-47 win over the winless ACT. NSW inflicted more heartache on NT winning two rinks and securing a 24 shot win. Victoria returned to their winning ways with an eight shot win over South Australia which gave Queensland 2 side points breathing space over SA and TAS . The Tasmanian’s won their third straight game with a 71-46 win over a dejected WA side and gave the rest of the states a sound warning that the devils are a force to be reckoned with.

      The ACT’s dream’s of winning the trophy were dashed the next game losing to QLD by 13 shots 51 to 64. We did manage to win one rink which is a positive to work with. NSW destroyed the NT winning all three rinks in a 60 shot slaughtering where all three rinks scored over 25 shots. South Australia accounted for the previously unbeaten Victorians in a courageous one shot win. Tasmania held off WA in a ten shot win that kept them within the leading states.

      At the conclusion of round 5 the signs were looking good for a 6th QLD victory in the Alley Shield with a memorable one shot victory over NSW. Kelvin Kerkow’s rink pulled the team over the line with negative results for the other two rinks and it would’ve been very satisfying for the former Aussie gun. The ACT celebrated their first side points of the entire event downing Tasmania 59-50 with Andrew Howie’s side leading the charge with an 18 shot win. NT stayed rooted at the foot end of the table with a commendable 61-73 loss to SA losing two rinks by one shot each! Victoria consigned WA to their fourth loss in a row with a 59-46 win that kept them with the faint hope of winning the shield. But now it is QLD’s to lose.

      Round 5 kicked off in style for the ACT with a solid 16 shot win over Tasmania to join the men on one win each by winning two and drawing the other rink. QLD shocked the bowls fraternity by belting NSW 69-53 and in the process dashed their hopes of an overall state victory. NT remained stranded on the starting line this time losing to South Australia in a canter by 29 shots 36 to 65. Victoria kept their hopes afloat with a resilent 11 shot win over the WA girls.

      Round 6 marked the end of NSW’s hold on the Alley Shield as Queensland rejoiced after another one shot win this time against WA. Nathan Rice’s rink held firm winning by eight thus giving Queensland honours once more. The ACT won their second game on the trot beating NT 64 to 55. NSW got the wood over VIC defeating them by two and a half rinks, whilst Tasmania scored a 15 shot win over SA. Next round will hold the formalities for the men's side with the only interest left is for them to help Queensland win the overall championship ladder.

      The ACT and NT battled it out at the foot of the table and came out winners 70 to 37 with Margaret Bacchetto's rink winning with ease 34-11. NSW bounced back from the morning's disappointing result to belt Victoria by 24 shots and set up a mouth watering last round three way tie between them VIC and QLD. QLD held up their end of the bargain winning by 21 over WA whilst Tasmania snuck home over South Australia in a close battle all game.

      Today's results brought to a close this year's sides championships and what an event this year's bowlers delivered out there. Some magnificent team results and congratulations to the Skips of Aron Sheriff (NSW) and Pam Rowe (QLD) in being the best performed skips for the men and the women over the 4 days. The men from the ACT did the capital proud disposing of Victoria with a fighting 18 shot win thanks to Andrew Howie's rink lifting right at the end. NSW let their anger out by disposing of Tasmania by 16 shots. QLD wrapped up their week with a solid 23 shot victory over South Australia and WA left the NT with their tails between their legs in a three rink romp.

      The ACT women failed to join the men as winners today succumbing to eight shows against the Vics. NSW secured another Trophy by winning in a canter by 31 shots over a hapless Tasmanian side who couldn't cut the mustard when it mattered. QLD celebrated with a 42 shot win over South Australia and the NT collected no side points overall after their 14th defeat with a 35 shot loss to WA.

      1 QLD 24 23.5 891 762 129
      2 NSW 20 30.5 937 715 222
      3 VIC 20 27.5 874 765 109
      4 SA 16 22 810 810 0
      5 TAS 14 19 816 803 13
      6 WA 10 19.5 800 821 -21
      7 ACT 8 17 774 847 -73
      8 NT 0 10 636 1081 -445

      1 QLD 14 10 413 403 10
      2 NSW 10 15.5 453 372 81
      3 VIC 10 14.5 444 388 56
      4 SA 8 12.5 438 416 22
      5 TAS 6 9.5 429 380 49
      6 WA 4 10 388 430 -42
      7 ACT 4 7 390 425 -35
      8 NT 0 5 337 544 -207

      1 NSW 10 15 484 343 141
      2 QLD 10 13.5 478 359 119
      3 VIC 10 13 430 377 53
      4 SA 8 9.5 372 394 -22
      5 TAS 8 9.5 387 423 -36
      6 WA 6 9.5 412 391 21
      7 ACT 4 10 384 422 -38
      8 NT 0 5 299 537 -238

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