Since the bushman has left this place has become very quiet, some of you seem to have had an issue with him ( mainly the mods it seems) It seems this forum may disappear into the ether the yahoo site went . There are quite a few personal barbs on here and thats ok for the forumites that can take it , but I guess after a while they wear a bit thin.

If you want to reply to this post great , but please dont go on bashing the bushy thing as its been done to death.

Hoping we get some more postive posts about what clubs are doing , maybe some good rumours and some humourous posts .


p.s have a look at the tournament boards we all need more players at our respective tournaments :cheers: and now I'm off to watch underbelly to work out how to bump off JB as he thinks I'm worried about some barb he made , am I crazy , am I crazy , am I crazy :smile: :smile: :smile: