I am a member of a golf forum very similar to this one and below is a copy of one of the admins posts...

I think our forum is very tame and well behaved!!! :get outa here:

Here is his outburst...

Alright, I've been lazy, slack, forgiving, what ever you want to call it. But getting 20 bloody reports a day is pissing me the **** off! So people grow up. Are you 15 years old? This is ****ing ridiculous. If you wanna be treated like adults start acting like them. Or I'll start pruning the shit out of the membership, cause I'm over it. And I'm not the only one. Do some of you think we have all the time in the world to check through the forum for who's being naught and nice? If I wanted to do that I'd have turned this place commercial and gotten some money for our time. Would that be a preference for everyone?

So some of ya's get over yourselves and sort your shit out or pack it up and leave. If you don't like someone, ignore them. If you don't agree with what someone says, rebut them but do it the right way. Take this childish schoolyard crap outside. This place is turning more and more into what I didn't want in the first place; I've always told Andy I'm loathe to remove members (I can only recall one genuine member who's been banned permanently) but I'm at the point I'll do it without a seconds thought, even if it's just to make our lives easier.

Those involved in the shit know who they are. If you're thinking 'is that directed at me?', then it probably is because if you weren't involved in the crap going on then you'd know for sure it's not you.

Keep up the good work guys, you run a very good ship!!! :get outa here: